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Information about the institution

Jurdaičiai Social Care Home is a social care institution for temporary or permanent living for disabled adults, who have chronic mental illnesses, intellectual disorders and who cannot live on their own and are in need of care/assistance, nursing and medical service.
The territory of the institution covers an area of 17,217 ha. The whole territory of buildings, belonging to the institution, is 14770m2, 4380m2 of which is used for living and 1861m2 of which is bedrooms. The overall living area for one resident is 15,5m2, sleeping area – 6,57m2. There are 15 single rooms, 55 double rooms, 48 triple rooms and 4 quadruple rooms in our institution.
The structure of the Home consists of 3 living buildings, cultural house (sport and concert halls), “Pilaitė” (the building of real estate value), administration building, canteen, service station, garages and household service buildings (laundry, seamstress and funeral hall).
11 social workers and 77 assistant social workers, 2 doctors, 13 nurses and 3 assistant nurses and 31 service staff workers provide services to the residents of Jurdaičiai Social Care Home. Social work services are provided by the qualified specialists/professionals.
Our institution offers the following long-term social care services; information, consultation, mediation and representation services, provision of accommodation, catering, education and maintenance of personal hygiene, every-day life and working skills, as well as organisation of residents’ spare time.
Palliative care, nursing, physiotherapy and massage are provided in the institution as well. Residents can attend pottery, sewing, art and wood carving groups/clubs.
Sport and art activities are organised in order to satisfy self-expressing needs. Moreover, residents can spend their free time in the library, movie review room or computer class.
Also, we have a chapel where church services are held and religious events are celebrated.

Last updated on: 2018-03-21

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